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Routine Air conditioner cleaning allows your A/C system to be more efficient and use less electricity to keep your house cool. Call Mr. Duct

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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Your air conditioner is one of the most expensive components in your home or business. Protect this investment with routine cleaning services from Mr. Duct Cleaner.

Air conditioners are not easy to clean. The fins on condenser fans are fragile and can easily bend or even break if the wrong kind of equipment is used on them. Coils might be located behind sheet metal that should only be removed and put back by a trained technician. There is a lot involved in properly cleaning an air conditioner, which requires getting inside the unit.

Our trained HVAC technicians have the equipment, tools and expertise to properly clean all parts, including the blower fan, primary drain pan, furnace cabinet and plenums. We use the SpeedClean® CoilJet®, a specialized tool that combines water pressure, coil cleaner, and water to remove scale deposits, dust, debris, and organic growth. It’s specifically designed to quickly and thoroughly clean condenser fins.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service for Air Conditioning?

Cleaning an air conditioner’s key parts—the coils and fan—involves working on internal electrical and mechanical parts that requires specialized training and tools.

Angie’s List cautions homeowners not to leave air conditioning coil cleaning “to chance” and recommends professional servicing and cleaning each year.  Annual cleaning services from professionally-trained services like Mr. Duct Cleaner includes pressure-washing, cleaning coils with chemical foam or detergents recommended by manufacturers, and a special vacuum tool that reaches tight spots.

Why is It Important to Keep Air Conditioner Parts Clean?

Keeping air conditioner parts clean will help the unit last longer and work more efficiently because it won’t need to run as long. This can help lower electricity bills in summer.

Coils and fan parts should be checked and cleaned at least once a year. Both attract dirt and dust that weighs them down and forces the unit to work harder. Over time, dirt can corrode lubricants as well, resulting in total system failure. Special solvents are used to clean these parts.

There are two kinds of coils: evaporator coils inside the home, which absorb heat, and condenser coils outside the home, which takes the heat from inside the building and moves it outdoors. (That’s why you feel hot air when you stand next to a condenser unit.) When coils get dirty—and they will!—it’s more difficult for the unit to transfer heat. Dirty coils, says Angie’s List, can make the entire unit work 37% harder than a clean unit. In addition to the added weight, dirt acts as an insulator, making it harder for coils to discharge heat.

Fan blades can also collect dirt and dust that cause the blades to become coated, making it difficult to move air and often reducing the amount of air moved.

For a Truly Clean System, Air Duct and Air Conditioning Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Mr. Duct Cleaner wants our customers to get the most out of their investment when it comes to their air conditioners. For this reason, we recommend cleaning air ducts and air conditioners at the same time.

Ideally, you want your ductwork and air conditioning to work together to ensure that the cleanest air possible is circulating around your home or office. Air that travels through ducts clogged with dust and debris will inevitably pick up some of it and bring it into the building. This compromises indoor air quality and can trigger allergies and other breathing problems.

Steps to Keep Air Conditioners Clean

Regular home maintenance for condenser coils includes clearing of debris like leaves, grass, and bird nests that can clog up the grill and even get inside the unit. Trim bushes near the condenser so that they don’t grow too close to the grill, and pull weeds growing around it. Check the mounting bolts and tighten any that have loosened.

Remember to turn off the power switch to the unit before doing any maintenance on or around it. The power switch is located in a box near the unit itself.

It’s also very important to change the return air filters each month during the hottest months when the air conditioner is running more or less continuously, and after a dust storm or high winds. Units that have been exposed to deep freezes during winter can get frost build-up. If this has happened, turn on the fan to let it melt the ice. If it doesn’t come on, call for service before a serious problems takes root.

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