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are people in your home or office getting sick?

It’s probably time to get your air ducts and air conditioner cleaned. Call Mr. Duct Cleaner today to inspect and clean dirty air ducts and air conditioners. We’ll make sure the air you breathe in your home or office is clean and healthy!

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Mr. Duct Cleaner Services

Mr. Duct Cleaner has been providing cleaning services for air ducts, air conditioners, and dryer vents, for over 11 years. We also provide air duct sealing services and a range of products to help keep your indoor air clean and free from dust, debris, pollutants, and bacteria.

Air Duct cleaning

Cleaning dust and debris from air duct systems will reduce dust and remove many of the allergens in your home or office. This is an important step to improve indoor air quality and bring relief to allergy sufferers. As an added bonus, clean ducts help your air conditioning equipment work more efficiently and can help lower your energy bills.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning


It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make sure your dryer vents are clear of lint and other debris. According to the National Fire Protection Association, blocked dryer vents caused almost 92% of house fires triggered by laundering machines. Clean, dust and lint-free dryer vents not only greatly reduce this risk but also decrease the time dryers need to run. Less dryer time means lower electric bills!
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Air Duct sealing

Your air conditioner won’t cool your home or office with maximum efficiency if the air ducts that carry cooled air have leaks that let the cool air out. Over time, air ducts, particularly those that have a lot of debris build-up, can sustain damage that weakens them and allows rips and holes to develop. Not only will this damage let cool air escape, but hot air can get in, along with pollen and pollutants from outside. Let Mr. Duct Cleaner inspect your air ducts for tears and holes and seal them to restore top efficiency while bringing you cool, clean indoor air.
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Air Conditioner Cleaning


Cleaning your air conditioner twice a year in fall and spring will help prolong the life of this expensive machine and lower electricity costs during high use summer months, and that can amounts to a good part of the year.
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Microbiocide Treatment

We treat air ducts and air conditioning parts with the safest microbiocide on the market. It reduces bacteria and other organic growth that can slow air conditioner performance and introduce allergens into the air ducts, where they can easily spread throughout a building.
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Air Cleaning Product Installation

Air cleaning products are particularly useful in maintaining clean indoor air quality. We install electrostatic filters, odor neutralizers, UV lights, and overflow prevention switches.

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