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Spring and Summer bring allergies and heat to McKinney, TX. Call Mr. Duct Cleaner to clean the air ducts inside your home or business and keep the dust and allergies outside.

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McKinney’s Humid, Subtropical Climate Requires Indoor Air Services

McKinney is located in a humid subtropical region and in the Texas Blackland Prairies, which features hot, Sun Belt summers coupled with high humidity that makes it feel hotter. Mr. Duct Cleaner is a local company that focuses on fixing air quality problems in homes and business in McKinney and delivering products and services to maintain clean air. While air conditioning provides relief from punishing temperatures—average summer high temperatures reach into the 90s—breathable indoor air that’s free of allergens and pollutants makes buildings more habitable and comfortable. 

Air Duct Cleaning Whisks Away Indoor Air Pollutants

Over time, air ducts can collect dust, dirt, and debris that provide an opportunity for bacteria, and other organic growth to grow inside them. A dirty, dusty air duct system is the entry point for allergens and irritants to seep into a building and quite literally send pollution inside when the air conditioner system is turned on. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses modern brushing equipment that spins away the muck that collects in air ducts and sucks it out with powerful vacuums that ensure nothing is left behind.

Clearing Out Dryer Vents Reduces Dryer Wear and Tear

Does your dryer leave your clothes burning hot? It could be working too hard. Mr. Duct Cleaner’s dryer vent cleaning service clears out lint and other debris that clogs vents and forces dryers to work overtime. A clean vent reduces the time it takes to dry a load and reduces dryer wear and tear. Dryer vent cleaning is also recommended by firefighting groups because it reduces overheating and the chance for a fire to break out from inside a laundry room.

Cleaning Air Conditioners Boosts Efficiency, Lowers Electricity Use

Clean air conditioners work more efficiently to send cooled air into air ducts, which we recommend cleaning at the same time to maximize indoor air quality. Cleaning an air conditioner also helps extend its life and reduces electricity bills since the system will not have to work so hard to circulate cooled air. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses specialized cleaning tools to remove dirt and scaling from air conditioner parts that cannot be removed by just spraying down a unit.

Remove Bacterial Growth with Microbiocide Treatment

Mr. Duct Cleaner technicians have been trained to treat the surfaces of air ducts and air conditioners with an applied microbiocide that eliminates bacteria and organic growth and prevents them from re-growing. The product we use is registered by the EPA and is safe for use around people, animals, and plants. Eliminating these organisms is another step to remove allergens and pollutants from indoor air and improving its quality.

Air Duct Sealing Helps Homes & Offices Stay Cool and Preserves Clean Indoor Air

Air ducts can leak even in new homes. Let Mr. Duct Cleaner inspect your ducts for leaks and seal them up. This service can really boost air conditioner performance and preserve indoor air quality by stopping hot, humid, and polluted air from continuing to leak into air ducts and distributing it throughout the home or office. It also ensures that cooled air doesn’t escape. The result? Less work for the air conditioner, which can lead to lower electricity bills while preserving clean indoor air.

Air Cleaning Products and Services Restore and Preserve Indoor Air Quality

Clean air won’t stay clean on its own. Mr. Duct Cleaner provides and installs products that help preserve clean, allergen-free air and eliminate lingering odors. These include odor-neutralizing products that quickly absorb unpleasant odors, reusable electrostatic filters that catch and hold allergens and particles, and UV lights that destroy bacteria and other organic growth on air ducts and air conditioners. We also install overflow switches (we call them “ceiling savers”) to prevent flooding caused by backups in air conditioner condensation pans.

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Everyone should breathe clean air. Call Mr. Duct Cleaner today to inspect the air quality in your McKinney business or home.


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