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Frisco, TX air and duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning services

Are you experiencing heightened allergies or the smell of dust when you’re in your home or business in Frisco. Texas? if so  contact us today  and we will  come out and clean your Air Duct and A/C system.

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Frisco Lies in a Humid, Subtropical Climate

Like Dallas, Frisco lies in a humid, subtropical region. Unlike Dallas, it doesn’t have a strong “heat island” effect, keeping it somewhat cooler. Still, it scores low on the comfort index, just 25/100, making air conditioning essential to maintain an acceptable quality of life. Mr. Duct Cleaner provides indoor air quality services to Frisco’s homes and businesses, including air duct cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.

Advanced Approach to Air Duct Cleaning

Many of Mr. Duct Cleaner’s services begin with cleaning out dirty, dusty air ducts. When air conditioners run continuously, as they do in hot, humid weather, air ducts can easily become clogged with dust and dirt that can interfere with air circulation. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses advanced brushing tools that literally scrub away debris in air ducts to clean out allergens and indoor pollutants that would otherwise get circulated throughout a home.

Clean Dryer Vents Shorten Drying Cycles

Dryer vent cleaning is easy to overlook because dryer vents are normally well out of sight. But fire authorities recommended this cleaning every year or two (depending on how often a dryer is used) to reduce the incidence of laundry room fires, which are almost always caused by an overheated dryer. What overheats a dryer? More often than not, it’s a vent clogged with lint and dust, leaving very little room for air to get pushed out. Cleaning the vents also helps dryers cut the cycle time and use less electricity.

Clean Air Starts With Clean Air Conditioners

Air conditioners pick up dust and debris that can circulate into indoor air. They also build up and stick to blower fans and coils, forcing the system to work harder.  Mr. Duct Cleaner gets to the interior parts and cleans them safely without damaging delicate parts like condenser fins. A clean air conditioner works more efficiently and sends only clean, cool air into the air ducts.

Microbiocide Treatment Eliminates Surface Bacteria

Dirty air ducts and air conditioners are great places for bacteria and other organic growth to root and grow, posing an additional compromise to indoor air quality. Bacteria and other growth introduce new allergens into the air and may even cause odor. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses a safe, EPA-registered microbiocide fog to eliminate these organisms at the source.

Air Duct Seals Keep Cool Indoor Air Inside

A leaky air duct can be a real problem. Leaky ducts allow air that’s already been cooled to escape, while letting hot outdoor air inside. This lowers an air conditioner’s efficiency and makes the unit work even harder. Plus, outdoor air can bring outdoor elements like exhaust, smoke, or pollen into indoor building air. Mr. Duct Cleaner can identify and seal off these leaks, giving quick relief to an overworked air conditioner and helping restore clean and breathable indoor air.

Air Cleaning Services Promote Healthier Indoor Air

Products like odor neutralizers, electrostatic filters, and UV lights provide an additional layer of protection for indoor air. Odor neutralizers are used after cleaning to deactivate odors caused by organic growth that may linger after cleaning.  UV lights destroy organisms that grow on air duct and air conditioner surfaces and prevents them from spreading. Electrostatic filters are widely considered superior for catching and trapping various pollutants compared to fiberglass and pleated ones. Since they are reusable, they can also save consumers quite a bit of money. We also install overflow switches (or “ceiling savers”) that prevent air conditioner drain backups from flooding into ceilings and presenting a whole new set of headaches.

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Everyone deserves to breathe clean indoor air. Contact us today to inspect the air inside your Frisco, Tx home or business so that we may recommend the right treatment to clean and maintain your air duct system!


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