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Do you suffer from allergies or do you constantly see dust build up in your Dallas. TX home or business? if so contact us today! We will come out and clean the dust and allergens laying waste to your Air Duct and Air Conditioning system.

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Dallas, Texas:


A Hot Economic Powerhouse

Dallas is one of the most iconic cities in the US. For many, it’s synonymous with oil, football, big hair, and certainly the state of Texas. Those of us who live in Dallas also know about its lovely trees and flowers, which bring spring allergens followed by scorching hot summers.   

Dallas’ Hot and Humid Temperatures Require a Lot of Air Conditioning!

North Texas is air conditioner country, and as a major metropolitan center, Dallas is something of a heat island. It has a hot, humid climate; in the summer, the heat index reaches well into the 110s. It’s no exaggeration to say that air conditioning has helped make Dallas a better place to live and work. Mr. Duct Cleaner works with businesses and in homes throughout Dallas to improve their indoor air quality and preserve clean, breathable air. These services include:

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning Boosts Indoor Air Quality

Air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to boost indoor air quality by getting rid of dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens that can gather inside ducts, clogging them, and compromising air quality. Mr. Duct Cleaner uses special brushes that spin and scrub out debris, leaving behind clean, clear air ducts that let air conditioners efficiently send cooled air throughout the house.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Extends Dryer Lifecycles

Dryer vent cleaning does a lot for just one service. First, it reduces the amount of time needed for a dryer cycle, which helps lower electric bills and can extend the life of a dryer. Second, it reduces the conditions that can cause a dryer to overheat and catch fire. If it’s been more than a couple of years since your dryer vent was checked, call Mr. Duct Cleaner to clear out the lint, dust, and dirt that’s accumulated in it.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Helps Units Work More Efficiently

Air conditioner cleaning helps maintain air conditioner quality and efficiency. Dirt and dust that accumulate on air conditioner parts literally weigh them down and force the unit to work harder and longer. Mr. Duct Cleaner has the right tools to properly clean your unit. Clean units run less often and consumer less energy—which can drastically reduce electricity bills.

Keep Hot, Humid Air Outside with Air Duct Sealing

Air duct sealing seals the junction between the unit and the ducts, where cool air can escape and outside air pollution, pollen, and other irritants can get in. Sealed air ducts won’t allow hot and humid air inside a building either, reducing the wear and tear on air conditioner units working harder to compensate for leaks. When air conditioners run less often, electric bills drop accordingly.

Eliminate Bacteria with Microbiocide Treatment

Mr. Duct Cleaner will apply a safe, EPA-registered microbiocide treatment to eliminate bacteria and other organic growth on air conditioner parts and inside air ducts. These contaminants can worsen allergies and breathing problems, so for many people their removal can be quite beneficial. Regular applications will also prevent growth from taking hold and spreading.

Products to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Mr. Duct Cleaner maintains an inventory of air cleaning products that help eliminate odors caused by pollutants removed during the cleaning process that may continue to leave a lingering odor. We use top-quality odor neutralizers, electrostatic filters that trap particles and keep them from circulating, and UV lights that kill bacteria that can contribute to indoor air pollution. We also install overflow switches (known as “ceiling savers”), which prevent air conditioner backups from turning into floods.

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If you live in Dallas, Tx, you know how sporadic the weather can be. One day it can be 80 degrees and the next it could be raining sleet and snow. This wreaks havoc on allergies, call Mr. Duct Cleaner today and we will come out and make sure your ducts are clear of dust and allergens.


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