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Texas Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Our hot Texas summers force many people inside where there’s air conditioning. But indoor air can deteriorate pretty quickly. In the Dallas region, lots of people turn to Mr. Duct Cleaner for professional indoor air cleaning and treatment.

Our services include:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air Conditioner Cleaning
  • Microbiocide Treatment
  • Air Cleaning Products and Installation:
    • Overflow Switches/Ceiling Savers
    • Odor Neutralizers
    • AIRQC Electrostatic Filters
    • Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Irradiation

Mr. Duct Cleaner Serves The Following Cities in Texas:

  • Duncanville
  • Farmers Branch
  • Flower Mound
  • Frisco
  • Garland
  • Grand Prairie
  • Highland Park
  • Irving
  • McKinney
  • Mesquite
  • Richardson
  • Plano
  • Rowlett
  • Lewisville

If You Live in North Texas, Clean Your Air Ducts and Air Conditioning System

Poor indoor air quality is compromised when it’s loaded with allergens, including dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and cleaning chemicals. These can cause uncomfortable and even painful allergic reactions like sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. Many customers report real relief after they have had their air ducts and air conditioners cleaned because this removes allergens from their surfaces. Inspecting and sealing air duct leaks also ensures that allergens and pollutants stay outside.

Pay attention to when spring comes in Dallas, because that’s a good way to predict if seasonal allergies will crop up all at once. When spring is short, everything blooms closer together in time. Trees that normally bloom in February start instead in April, while fall blooms may begin in July. The result: a population turned into a sneezing, tissue-grabbing mess. More and more of them go inside to get relief.

In 2014, Dallas actually ranked as the seventh-worst place for allergy sufferers to live, up from 23 the previous year. One magazine even suggested that medical students in North Texas should consider becoming allergists.

Texas’ Climate: Air Conditioning Required

We can’t overstate how grateful we are for Willis Haviland Carrier, who created modern air conditioning. In no small part, this New Yorker’s invention helped Texas attract and keep the engineers, doctors, geologists, and other professionals that helped us launch a stronger, vibrant, and diverse economy.

In Texas, our highs average in the mid-90s during July, even in the northern part of the state. It’s not unusual for the thermometer to go over 100° in many parts of the Lone Star State. Add in humidity, which can hover in the 80 – 90% range in the summertime, and let’s just agree that it can be downright uncomfortable outside.

Even stranger, the further you travel from the Gulf of Mexico, the hotter it gets, even when you’re heading north.

The Texas Economy: Moving Indoors Where the Air is Cooler!

Ask most people what comes into their minds when they think about Texas, and chances are they will mention ranching and oil. Some might suggest football. We note that the state also has two Major League Baseball teams.

Today, Texas’ economy is dominated by industries like software development and cancer research that are conducted indoors. This means more people are working inside buildings that need need clean, breathable air free of pollutants and allergens.

As spring moves into summer, trees, bushes, and grasses blossom, making the Dallas area even prettier. For allergy sufferers, though, staying indoors becomes more important as the pollen these flora put out makes outdoor activities uncomfortable for them.

Oak, hackberry, and maple bloom in the early spring, and gain strength as the weather gets hotter. Grass and weeds also start to pollenate, sending many people indoors for relief. Later in the year, from late summer to the first frost, ragweed makes its appearance. Did you know that a single ragweed plant can put out over one billion grains of pollen in one season?

Make sure the great indoors where you live and work is free of pollens and dust that make your allergies feel worse. Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner today to get your air ducts cleaned out and rid of dust and particles. We’ll also inspect them for leaks, which let in pollens you want to keep outside, and seal them to make sure you’re only breathing cool, clean air.

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This year, make sure your air conditioner and air ducts are properly cleaned and free of leaks. Contact us for an estimate today!

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