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We know sometimes you just want a quick answer. That is why we created this helpful FAQ section for you below! If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out one of our handy contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have an air duct vent cleaning?
Dirty air ducts and mold in ductwork have been identified as a major source of indoor air pollution. Your air duct system can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and other health threatening organisms. Dust mites don’t typically live and breed in the ducts themselves. However, dirty air ducts distribute the primary food source for dust mites – dust. It is good practice to perform a ventilation duct cleaning on your home every three to five years.
Will my house be less dusty after an AC vent cleaning?
Yes, the inside of your ductwork can be the equivalent of having a whole extra room in your home that never gets dusted or vacuumed. When the furnace or air conditioner fan turns on, dust from the ductwork gets churned up and blown into the rooms of your home. This is another reason why furnace and duct cleaning is so important.
Will air duct vent cleaning help my allergies?
Many people are allergic to dust mite waste. Dust mites feed on debris found in ductwork. Air conditioner and heat duct cleaning removes the debris and their food. Also, by greatly reducing particulate debris in your ducts, air conditioning duct cleaning ensures there are less dust particles and potential allergens in the air to aggravate those with respiratory illnesses.
I live in a new home. Do I still need air vent duct cleaning?
Absolutely! Up to 50% of indoor air duct system cleaning is done in homes that are less than five years old. During construction, the ductwork is wide open and the air handler is often run without a filter. During this time, construction debris such as pieces of plaster, drywall, wood, dust, insects and insulation, are accumulated in the ductwork. If this is your situation it might make sense to have professional air duct cleaning companies take a look.
My wood floors were just refinished. Should I bring in air vent cleaners?
Dust and debris is often the result of many flooring and remodel projects. These contaminants can be pulled into your system and distributed throughout your house. It’s a good idea to perform an indoor air duct cleaning after this and many other construction projects, such as: room remodels, granite counter tops, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, faux finishing and others.
How long does it take to perform an air conditioning duct cleaning?
A 2,000 square foot house takes approximately three to four hours for a two-man crew to perform an indoor air duct cleaning. For some larger homes, we send three or four-man crews to ensure that the central air duct cleaning job is completed quickly without cutting any corners.
Will your equipment work on my ducting cleaning?
The equipment we use for cleaning the air conditioning ducts is effective in all types of air duct construction, including: flex duct, round metal ducts, square metal ducts, and fiberboard. It can easily accommodate right angle turns and multiple bends found in most types of duct systems. Our equipment is the most advanced ac vent cleaning equipment available today.
How much does air duct vent cleaning cost?
The best and most cost effective way to clean ducts is to perform an air duct cleaning and rid your system of mold and clean the entire system. According to the EPA: These services typically – but not always – range in cost from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system, depending on the services offered, the size of the system to be cleaned, system accessibility, climatic region, and level of contamination.
Can cleaning my dryer vent save me money on my energy bill?
Yes! By having dryer vent cleaners professionally clean your dryer vent, your clothes dryer will run more efficiently. Your dryer will not have to run as long, lessening the wear and tear on your dryer, reducing your need for repair, and increasing the lifespan of your dryer. Duct work cleaning can save you money on your energy bill, too.

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