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What Are The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning?

What Are The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning?

Why Every Building Needs Air Duct Cleaning

If you just moved into a new home or office, it is important to determine the status of the air ducts. According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is the fourth-most significant environmental threat we face today.

An air duct system that has not been inspected for more than six months or hasn’t been cleaned for more than a year could have inadvertently become a breeding ground for harmful contaminants. Tears or holes in air ducts can even allow carbon monoxide from outside to leak in.

Think about the chemicals people use to clean homes and buildings, pet dander, and smoke from tobacco, cooking, candles, and other sources. All these become part of the air circulating in property home or office.

Here are just a few benefits you will notice after an air duct cleaning service:

Improved Air Flow

As dust and mold accumulate in air duct systems, the quality and volume of air that gets through is compromised. A clean air duct system allows larger volumes of clean air to circulate. This air also maintains thermal comfort for longer periods of time, which in turn lessens the strain on your air conditioning or heating system and can help lower utility bills.

Cleaner Indoor Environment

If you think you spend too much time dusting, you may be right! Air ducts clogged with dust send dusty air into the home, making cleaning a more demanding and time-consuming task If you’ve noticed dust or debris settling in places where it wasn’t before, it’s time to get those air ducts cleaned.

Extended Usable Life

Air ducts are pretty similar to other appliances you regularly have cleaned and maintained. Like these appliances, a dirty air duct system won’t be as effective if it’s accumulating dirt that isn’t removed. Dirt can reduce the circulation of one cubic foot of air per minute by nearly 50 percent. Plus, regular inspections uncover damage to air ducts and allow repairs to be done before they become serious.

An air duct is part of the system that circulates air inside a home or other building. It is connected to heat and air conditioning to maintaining thermal comfort.
Ideally, an air duct will deliver quality air. It’s important to make sure all air ducts are regularly checked and cleaned by qualified, professional air duct technicians.

There is little question that the air coming through this vent is traveling through some pretty dirty air ducts and compromising the quality of air people are breathing. This air is filled with dust and dirt particles, and possibly microbial organisms as well. It wouldn’t surprise anyone in the air duct business to learn that people in this building suffer from allergies or even asthma. These are common complaints from people working or living in buildings where dirty, deteriorated air ducts are circulating the air.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air duct cleaning is more than a matter of clearing the air, so to speak. The air in most homes gets dirty pretty quickly.
The average six-room house will accumulate 60 pounds of dirt in one year from just the air ducts! So yes, air duct cleaning is necessary to keep a home clean and to ensure the quality of indoor air circulating inside. If it’s been more than two years since your air ducts have been inspected and cleaned, it’s highly advisable to schedule this.

What If I Don’t Clean My Air Ducts?

Most people don’t notice gradual odor buildup in their own homes unless they have been away for a few days. So if you don’t clean your air ducts, you may not notice the dirty air odors for several months. You may eventually sense one over time. People who suffer from breathing complications or allergies will experience more symptoms sooner as the amount of dust and debris in the air increases.

Can I Check the Air Ducts?

Unless you have specialized equipment, you really can’t do a thorough check of your home’s air ducts, but you can certainly take a look inside.
Remove the vent register (there should be one in each room). If it’s dirty, you can safely assume that the air duct behind it is even dirtier.
If you aren’t particularly sensitive to dust, shine a flashlight inside and take a look for yourself. You might be able to take photos if you reach inside with a camera. If you see any debris in this very small section, you’ve got a pretty dirty air duct.

A vacuum cleaner will remove a tiny amount of the loose stuff. For the stuck-on crud, you will need professional air duct cleaning services that use top-notch equipment like the Rotobrush system. Rotobrush is designed to reach deep into ductwork and scrub out debris.

Mr. Duct Cleaner is a Dallas-area air duct cleaning service that uses Rotobrush equipment for every job.

What’s Inside Those Air Ducts?

Air ducts carry the debris of daily life: dust, dirt, cobwebs, pests (insects, rodents) and their droppings. This is the stuff that breeds mildew, mold, and harmful microbial organisms that can circulate through indoor air.

Mold can only be firmly confirmed by taking debris samples to a lab. However, antimicrobial solutions applied on air duct surfaces after cleaning will destroy mold as well as other contaminants and prevent a reoccurrence for at least several weeks.

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