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Mr. Duct Cleaner has been serving customers, for over five years. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service in the industry.

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Mr. Duct Cleaner has been providing air cleaning services for  air ducts, air conditioners, dryer vents and air duct sealing for over 11 years.

Why is this important? Because all we do is improve the air quality at home and in the office. Everyone deserves to live and work in a comfortable indoor environment. This includes breathing clean air free from allergens and pollutants caused by dust, dirt, debris, bacteria and other organic growth that collects inside air ducts and on air conditioners.


Professional, Thoughtful Indoor Air Quality Services


When you call Mr. Duct Cleaner, you will receive professional, courteous treatment from our teams. From our schedulers to the technicians who arrive at your home or business, our goal is to make sure that you get the service you need, on time, and within the price quote we provide.

 We know that you have a lot of choices, when it comes to selecting a service provider to meet your duct, vent, and air conditioning cleaning needs. We will not only fulfill your expectations: We will go far above them!

 Being an average provider just isn’t good enough for our company. We want to be your choice when you bring back someone to maintain your indoor air quality year after year.

Our Air, Duct, and Vent Cleaning Prices are Competitive


Mr. Duct Cleaner is very competitive. We don’t like surprises any more than you do, and we pledge that your final bill will never be a penny more than what was in your quote.

However, if we discover anything new that needs to be repaired, we will let you know immediately and explain the situation. We will provide an additional service quote on the spot for additional work that is needed if you approve it!

Finally, we will never undertake additional work beyond the initial work order without your permission.

No Duct or Vent Cleaning Job is Too Unusual for Us to Tackle!


Our experienced technical staff have worked on removing a lot more than lint, dust, and other debris over the years. Below is a smattering of unusual or complex jobs customers have thanked our teams for handling: 

  • Thoroughly cleaned, inside and outside, a 30-foot-long dryer ventilation system that included two 90º turns
  • Worked around other contractors on a commercial remodeling job to clean an air duct system with 136 openings.
  • Removed longstanding smoke and nicotine odors in a newly-purchased home
  • Removed bird nests from more vents than we can remember
  • Removed materials stuck in air ducts by roofing and insulation contractors
  • Successfully removed irritants from air systems that were causing severe congestion, tearing, and other allergy symptoms to occupants

We Want Our Customers to Ask Questions!


While we can wax poetic about clean indoor air or the joys of sealed air ducts, we understand that not everyone else focuses on this as we do. And that’s ok!

We want our customers to ask questions. Like your third grade teacher said, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. We think it’s important for our customers to understand the connection between indoor airflow and the quality of the air they breathe at home and at work.

We are happy to explain why we use stiff round brushes for many cleaning jobs, or recommend adding microbial treatments for others. We’ll demonstrate the power of our industrial-grade Rotobrush® systems and review the effectiveness of AIRQC™ electrostatic filters.

We love to talk about UV light treatment that kill bacteria before they can spread and condensation float switches that prevent overflow from air conditioner condensate lines. Do you want to hear about the incredibly cool SpeedClean® CoilJet® we use to clean those delicate air conditioner parts? Please, ask us we would be happy to let you know!!

Get Your Home In Shape By Reducing Dust And Allergens!

Are allergies making your life miserable? Excessive dust and allergens in your home may be the cause. Watch this video to learn how Mr. Duct Cleaner can help you can get rid of them.

“They cleaned all our air ducts and returns. We have over 30 air ducts and the filters were constantly filthy. Since the cleaning, the filter life has been extended. Thanks for the Fantastic service!”   Lesli K., Plano, Texas

Our Values



We know your time is precious, so, at Mr. Duct Cleaner, speed is a priority. We waste no time in diagnosing the problem, getting you a quote, and resolving the issue, so that you can get back to your life.



We take great pride in the products and services we offer. We will make sure to go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.



We take your indoor air quality very serious. That is why we offer a complete list of services needed to ensure that the air you breath in your home or business is the best it can be.

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